International Friendsgiving

The term “Friendsgiving” has risen in popularity throughout the years. Basically, Friendsgiving is a gathering with friends a week of two prior to Thanksgiving.

This time last year, I hosted my very first Friendsgiving and invited all my beloved friends. However, there was a caveat, each guest was only allowed to bring 1 non-traditional cuisine or dessert. At first thought, I knew they were not going to be happy with these restrictions. Surprisingly, everyone came with a international cuisine! Over 25 worldly cuisines blessed our Friendsgiving table and we feast all night on delicious international cocktails, desserts and had endless conversation. I was really looking to making this a yearly tradition, but 2020 had other socially distancing plans in mind. Guess next year I can begin the tradition again!

Check out my recap video.

Yes, Friendsgiving is a real word.

The word “Friendsgiving” was officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in January 2020 after being on its “Words We’re Watching” list. It’s, quite obviously, a compound of the words “friends” and “Thanksgiving” and refers to an informal iteration of the holiday that has become super common.

Did you know?

The term Friendsgiving dates back to a 2007 tweet, but some people credit the hit show Friends for inspiring the concept of spending the holiday with friends. Another theory suggests that a 2011 ad campaign by Baileys Irish Cream liqueur used the word, giving the Friendsgiving movement more momentum. Since then, it’s become a word that refers to a Thanksgiving dinner celebrated with friends.


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