Welcome to BonAppéDee, the home of culinary exploration and discovery. I’m D’Angela S. Moore, affectionately known to many as Dee, your guide through the vibrant and diverse food scene of my hometown, Washington, D.C. As a dedicated Washington, D.C. food blogger, I am passionate about taking you along on thrilling food adventures, sharing with you the most succulent recipes, and uncovering unique food events in our beloved hometown and beyond.

Food, in my eyes, is not just about the flavors that tantalize our taste buds; it’s an ongoing experiment, a magnificent work of art constantly evolving and inviting exploration. My culinary journey is paved with an array of spices, ingredients, and, yes, occasional mishaps in the kitchen. These mistakes, however, are not setbacks but rather recipes for learning and growth. As your personal kitchen help-desk, I navigate these culinary experiments so you can enjoy a smoother cooking experience. My mission is to empower you with cooking tips, guide you through mastering various recipes, and inspire you with my food adventures.

Here at BonAppéDee, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a curious food enthusiast eager to learn more about the art of cooking and the joy of experimenting with new spices, you’re in the right place. My blog is designed to be a resource for anyone looking to enhance their cooking skills, explore new flavors, and avoid the common pitfalls of culinary experimentation. Join me, Dee, on this delicious journey as we explore the endless possibilities that cooking and food bring into our lives. Let’s turn mistakes into milestones and recipes into adventures.

Welcome to BonAppéDee, where every dish tells a story, and every flavor takes us on a journey.

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