Charcuterie Box Order


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A tailored box for snacking with a selection of artisan cheese, crackers, meats, savory & sweet accomplishments and more.

Due to demand and because all ingredients are purchased fresh for your order, we recommend all orders be placed 48 hours in advance for boxes, 5-10 days for board and platters. *see below message for potential ingredients in each order. 

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    Specific Requests (likes and dislikes, blue cheese, goat cheese, olives, etc.)

    You will receive an email confirming your order within 48hours.


We use local and fresh ingredients to create artful and thoughtful cheese and charcuterie boards for all events and sizes located in Washington, D.C. All orders will include a variation of the below:

–Meat (beef/pork/turkey) –Cheese (soft/creamy/sharp) –Crackers (plain/garlic/variety) –Spreads (jams/butters/honey) –Nuts (candied walnuts/marcona almonds) –Fruits (grapes/strawberries/seasonal fruit) –Chocolate (dark/milk/salted/caramel/passionfruit)

IMPORTANT: If you have a special request, please feel free to email us at or book a Charcuterie Event Discovery Meeting



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