BonAppèDee’s Facelift

I am extremely elated to announce a secret I have held in for years. On BonAppéDee’s 5th year of existence, I present a blog facelift!

For such a long time, I had so desperately wanted to display my food adventures via video platform. Every time I visited a local restaurant, pop-up shop or tried a new dish, I relish with excitement the thought of sharing with my-oh so amazing #BADEatTribe followers! Sharing those moments through my very own eyes seem to be the ultimate step forward. I truly enjoy exploring anything relating to food but felt confined by posting only one aspect of my foodie lifestyle. And as most, if not considerably all creative individuals understand, a creative person need to frequently re-focus and alien their source of inspiration. Thus, in my efforts to escape my mundane routine, I gathered all my countless food ideas out of the vault and went to work plotting the best methods on how to illustrate my food adventures.

So without further ado, my lovely #BADEatTribe, I hope you are ready to go on this wonderful journey with me as I bring my passion for food & adventure together in my city through video!

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