Valentine’s Day “Tunnel of Love” Pop-up Bar

You give me Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC), translation – you make my heart skip a beat. Cupid has returned for another round of love.  Armed and ready to shoot straight into cocktail glasses while warming hearts with delicious small bar bites, which we all can agree invokes strong love emotions.

One of D.C’s most romantic date night spots, Iron Gate, did not fail to keep the love flame lit with their decorated Valentine’s Day Pop-up bar “Tunnel of Love'”. And since I’m a gal who takes pleasure over all themes, I couldn’t allow this pop-up bar to come and go without peeking for a visit.

The entire bar personified a fervid love scene from a romantic movie, okay not quite, but you get where I’m going.  Beautiful rose flower arrangements were placed along the bar, while red glowing hearts dressed the dinning tables and paper cut-out Cupids hung from the ceiling. And to top it off, a “kiss cam” mirror was placed behind the bar to allow all love birds to snap a kissy selfie.

The bar food & drink menus included the cutest love names like, You Make Me Want to Be a Better Martini, Better Put a Ring on It, 101 Aphrodisiacs, Oak Roasted Dates and I’ll Never Let Go, Jack. If you thought celebrating Valentine’s Day’s was a waste, Iron Gate definitely proved all cold-hearted individuals wrong, not only through their bellies but hearts too!

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