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Are you foodies ready for a giveaway? This is your chance to win a cool kitchen gadget. Two lucky winners will receive ChicWrap next generation plastic wrap dispenser. ChicWrap comes in six vibrant, timeless boxes designed to fit any kitchen decor. The sturdy dispenser comes complete with a twelve inch, 250-foot roll of professional grade plastic wrap, which holds tighter, longer and more securely than traditional store brands. The ever-sharp blade is complete constraint within the cutter to avoid pesky and kitchen mishaps.


Photo submissions


Macadamia Turtle Pie

0-1        0-2

Bread Pudding

~Anyone who is subscribed to BonAppé –following @BonAppéDee on twitter–like BonAppeDee facebookpage .

How to Enter:
~Submit 2 photos of your favorite dishes. This either be an appetizer, entrée or dessert.
~Photos should include 2 different angles of the dish (be sure to the picture is clear).
~Submit entries to  Subject Title: ChicWrap Giveaway
*NOTE: One entry per person.

~Two individuals.

~All pictures must be submitted by October 14th, 2012 12am EST.


ChicWrap plastic wrap dispenser.

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