15 Tastes of Cuba

Recently, for a friend’s birthday, I had the pleasure of experiencing the 15 Tastes of Cuba at Cube Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar, located in Washington, D.C.. Usually, for tastings you are only allowed to choose one appetizer, one entrée, and one dessert. However, you will receive ALL the listed items on the tasting menu for only $39.95 per person!!!!

15 Tastes of Cuba Menu



Before the appetizers, the Pressed Cuban Bread and Mango Butter (not shown) was EXTREMELY tasty!!!!! Overall, I was very pleased with the selected appetizers, entrées and dessert dishes. Also, this place has a full complete list of mojito flavored drinks. If you are interested in trying something new or in the neighborhood, I recommend the 15 Tastes of Cuba (not available Saturdays). http://cubalibrerestaurant.com/i/washington-dc/

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