Guilty Cupcake Pleasure

Red Velvet Cupcake

While walking to grab lunch, to my surprise, the Curbside Cupcake truck (Pinky) was parked near the Mandarin Hotel located on 12 Street S.W., I had no choice but to indulge! And although having a cupcake after my salad for lunch supersedes, I had no regrets while digging my claws into this guilty pleasure!


  1. What a yummy looking treat! You inspired me to have my first treat of the day. No cupcake truck her in Philly 🙁 however, I was about to get a comparable alternative … a red velvet Woopie with cream cheese icing … As my 3 yr old would say, it was "yummy in my tummy". Can't wait for the next post!

  2. Correction … Its a Whoopie 🙂

  3. There has to be a cupcake truck in Philly. You must find a "knock-off"! Your 3-yr sounds like they love tasty treats.

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